Historical Overview

 ‘In all great critical periods in history, humanity goes through the agonizing struggle and suffering of rebirth.  Great forces  of  destruction  are  afoot  and  seem  to  be  dominant,  but  constructive  and  creative  forces  that  will  redeem humanity are silently bringing about transformation.’  The current directive or authoritarian orientation of mankind is now  moving  towards  a  peaceful  collaborative,  cohesive  and  cooperative  existence,  towards  a  new  level  of consciousness, the reorientation of the dawning age of Aquarian, living the New Life of the New Humanity on Gaia.

 The peaceful collaborative orientation is based on three true orientations, Love; the real nature of love and of the unity  of  all  life  on  earth,  Truth;  each  person  doing  what  they  truly  love  to  do,  their  unique  Divine  Duty,  taking Responsibility  for  themselves  and  their  actions,  and  Peace;  to  work  together  peacefully,  harmoniously  and collaboratively for the benefit of all, loving and serving each other selflessly, so achieving Love, Truth and Peace, for the New Humanity living the New Life in the new paradigm on Gaia.

 The fundamental endeavors of the global New Humanity Collaborative Community (NHCC) are to live the New Life  of  the  New  Humanity  collaboratively  and  in  harmony  with  each  other,  Mother  Earth  {Gaia},  and  all  her  life, elemental,  vegetation,  animals,  humankind  and  environments,  focusing  on  “socially  and  environmentally sustainable self-sufficiency & freedom for humankind”.  The New Humanity Community is in no way forming a sect, cult  or  religion,  it  is  truly  a  peaceful  coming  together  of  collaborative  families  and  tribes  to  form  peaceful communities, loving and embracing all life on Gaia.
Collaborative Orientation
Through  their  commitment  to  the  collaborative  orientation,  Participants  endeavour  to  live  life  with  love,  peace, harmony,  joy, abundance,  natural  freedom  and  privacy,  free  from  enslavement  and  usury,  eliminating  war, admiralty uniforms, hierarchies or directive authorities, competition, conflict and rivalry.  They free themselves to live the word of the Divine Creator, which means to live their individual Divine Truth, doing what they would truly love to do.  The personal commitment to love ThySelf and each other, which is to love our Divine Creator, giving no importance  to  nationality,  class,  creed,  age,  gender  or  religious  ceremony,  promoting  Self  responsibility  and upholding  the  suveran  natural  rights  to  freedom  for  each  man,  woman  and  child in  the  community,  whilst  at  the same time not injuring, damaging or judging our fellow man.  To recognise and acknowledge that the ‘HigherSelf’ alone is powerful and as such, responsible for the egoic duality of the ‘false self’.
Duty and Responsibility
 The  Participants  principles  of  Duty  and  Responsibility  are  based  on  personal  Truth  and  Self-responsibility,  and collaboration with others.  ‘People always put the blame for their dissatisfaction and suffering on others.  But the fact  is,  when  one  suffers  it  is  one’s own  fault.   You  become  excited,  angry  and  suffering,  and  then  lay  it  all  on somebody  else.   But  if  you  had  gone  beyond  the lower  self,  you  would  have  taken  it  calmly,  swallowed  it  and remained unaffected.  If you are firm, nothing will upset you.  If you try, you will surely have it.’ 

Natural Suveranty
Men  women  and  children’s  Suveran  Rights  are  the  rights of  suveran  sentient  natural  human  BEings,  to  be  free women or men on the land, with Divine rights, to live in peace and privacy, to freedom, to love, to independence, to speak and to remain silent.  The right to give and to receive, to apply their natural energy, to create, to breathe, to apply effort and to manifest, to take decisions, to increase their capacity, and amongst others include the right to be on the land and to journey and travel freely on Mother Earth.  This includes the right to play and be joyous, to create,  to  have  family  and  children  in  a  safe  and  secure  private  environment,  to  be  sustained,  to  have  natural creditworthiness.  In addition, every woman and man has the right to freedom from financial servitude, usury, tax and  all  other  impositions,  entrapment,  threats,  inhumane  or  cruel  treatment,  slavery,  arbitrary  deprivation, unjustified accusation and attack, and all types of prejudice, whilst remaining private and secure in Community.

Natural people’s Suveranty is based on the aforementioned unalienable, imprescriptible and unlegislatable rights.  Suveranty itself remains intrinsic to the individual woman or man by whom and for whom all governments exist and act.   Suveranty  is  not  subject  to  law  for  it  is  the  author  and  source  of  law.   There  can  be  no  limitation  to  the Suveran rights of a person, the suveran sentient woman or man.  These acknowledged rights pertain equally to each Participant and Member of the global New Humanity Collaborative Community. 

Terms of Participation and Invitation
Simply  stated  a  Participant  in  autographing  the  Private  Participants  Peace  Treaty  &  Declaration  is  saying  to  all other Participants in the global NHCC, that she or he can be relied upon to peacefully do their Divine Duty, and to the best of their capacity, selflessly serving others whilst being wholly responsible for their own actions, respecting and honouring their own privacy and the privacy, rights and property of others.

This commitment is required for each Participant’s role in the NHCC and the various Projects and activities that those  communities enter  into.   All  Collaborative  Community  Projects  and  enterprises  are  guided  and  operated under the Harmony Operating Modus practices, all focused and moving in a common direction, indicative  of the peaceful cooperative collaborative orientation of the Aquarian Knowing light age, as opposed to the old directive authoritarian orientation of the dark Piscean age.  Communities are typically located in rural and regional areas and use current and new technology to support social and environmentally sustainable self-sufficiency for humankind.